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Getting Your Mojo with Mojo Hydration


Concierge medicine, a business model offering more personalized care, is on the rise, and new companies like Mojo Hydration are even offering on-the-go services. This Louisville company says that fighting hangovers, preparing for the big game and improving your general wellness may be much more convenient than you think.

“Mojo Hydration is a concierge intravenous hydration company,” explains Chad Donegan, owner of Mojo Hydration. “What happens is that a provider, one of our nurses, comes out to the customer’s home and provides them with an intravenous hydration treatment.” According to their website, the IV treatment takes between forty-five minutes and an hour, can be performed at home or work and results in improved well-being for the customer. Services can be booked easily online or through their app, with even as little lead time as an hour. “If you’re suffering from a hangover or migraine, time is of the essence,” Donegan asserts.

The treatments themselves vary in scope. “Each treatment is a little different,” Donegan says. “We have three main categories, and each bag is customized for treating and providing relief for whatever that customer is seeking at the time.

“The first is for hangovers, migraines and the flu,” Donegan continues. “For example, with a hangover, your body becomes dehydrated and that dehydration causes all of those gnarly things like headaches and nausea. We provide a Vitamin B complex, electrolytes and anti-nausea medication. Each bag is customized to that patient’s needs.”

“The second,” Donegan continues, “is for athletic performance and enhancement, either pre-performance or post-performance. An athlete may need one treatment before a marathon or a big soccer match. After the match they have different needs, like amino acid replacement and tissue repair.

“The third category is a beauty and wellness detox,” Donegan explains. “This is more for detoxing all the different harmful metals and impurities in your body, and for general upkeep. We’re able to prevent wrinkles, reduce those signs of aging and make your body feel better.”

Donegan says that Mojo Hydration is filling a new need for Louisvillians. “There’s nobody doing anything like this in Kentucky,” Donegan says, “but we’ve seen a rather large expansion in concierge medicine. I think people are trying to take better care of themselves and look for alternative means of feeling better. We feel that we can provide a service to make them more healthy.” He asserts that the company is medically sound as well. “The patient fills out a medical waiver, and we have a medical director on staff,” Donegan explains. “Charts and medical records are reviewed by a physician, and we employ registered nurses. There are a lot of checks and balances to what we do.

“What we’re really excited about is the buzz – how much of a need there is for something like this in Louisville,” Donegan says. “It’s a very social town, with everything from Forecastle to St. Patrick’s Day to Derby. There’s a lot going on in this city.” He says that Mojo’s IV treatments are uniquely helpful. “When you ingest water gastrointestinally, like drinking it from a glass, your body really only absorbs around 30%,” Donegan asserts. “We can go right to the source and treat it on an intracellular level with almost 100% absorption rate.” 

“A needle can be a little intimidating,” Donegan says. “We want to remove the sterile, medical side of this treatment and make it a great experience for people. We want them to get their mojo back.”

Chad Donegan